Ah timing.  It can be such a cruel thing, and at the same time can serve to be an effective tool in helping you deal with things.  I woke yesterday from some much needed sleep to a voice mail from my sister.  She was telling me that my father had accidentally fallen in the night and due mainly to the way he fell had broken his leg.  Needless to say I didn’t start out the day very well.  I headed back to the area and was picked up by my mother at the bart station near my house.  Hoping to go straight to the hospital I was annoyed that she wanted to go home for a few minutes but she’d been at the hospital all day and needed to get some things from the house.  I didn’t use my time well.  Now I get to the beauty of timing.  Did some things I said to myself I wouldn’t do and frankly caused myself a bit of trouble.  I do have to say that I knew I might but it’s one of those things where you almost can’t resist.  It’s like that old Ren & Stimpy cartoon where they put Stimpy in front of a BIG RED BUTTON and tell him not to push it.  Now what would happen if the button was pushed wasn’t known(it never really is before hand).  Temptaion prove too much for our little feline hero and push the button he did.  Now it has been years since I have seen that episode and frankly I am surprised that I remember any of it but I am quite sure that havoc did ensue.  There are those amoung us that are calm little worker bees that follow the rules and stay within the lines for the good of both themselves and for the “hive”.  I’m not one of those.  To use a line of dialogue from one of my favorite British T.V. shows “I see a boundary, I eat a boundary, and wash it down with a hot cup of steaming rules.”  Sometimes I’m Vince and sometimes I’m Howard and I know that only Scott Free will know what that means.  The point of this is to say that thank god for the timing of things being what it was because otherwise I would be more effected than I already am.  I should learn to stay out of the pool I guess.  Or at least stop picking at scabs.



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