It’s Saturday, so let’s recap.

My grandmother has been in the hospital for three days now.
I have been sick-ish for about four days now
My mom’s cat has taken a liking to peeing on the floor. In front of his
litter box. This just happens to be in the bathroom, so if you are
walking in there at one in the morning, right after you have gotten off
work, and don’t look down to see that there is wonderfully smelly cat
urine on the floor, you step in it.

I just woke up!
I am getting better from my illness.
I remembered that the cat was peeing on the floor and found it this morning, before I stepped in it.
I am going to change my car’s oil today
I am going to wash my car.
It’s my day off.
I am going to hang out with my buddy and her boyfriend today!

Scott Free


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