Today has been kind of wierd. It started out with me in the milk box.
I don’t care for the milk box.

Then, as the night approached, the air temperature didn’t drop, and still hasn’t.
It is the first week of November and tonight is nice enough to BBQ on the patio without jackets.

I was using the computer in the office at my work, and one of my
bosses, who is rather strong willed, came up and pressed a button. This
might not have been such a big deal except that, for some reason, I had
set up the computer to log off the user if the space bar were to be
I didn’t know that I had done this.
So she pressed the space bar and the computer logs off.
Nobody knows the password.
She starts to ask me why I had set up the computer in the way that I
did, but even though I know that she doesn’t really want an answer, I
still try to explain.
She tells me that I am getting angry and that I should calm down.
Words escape me and, even though I am not actually angry, I have to
stand there and look at the ceiling, which makes it look like I really
am mad.
We have to start calling all the other bosses, at 11:30 at night, to try and see if any of them know the password.
The last guy does, and the night is somewhat saved.
I was beginning to feel very guilty, even though I shouldn’t have.
She pressed the space bar.

As I am driving home, on the freeway, one of the cars in front of me decides to turn around and go the other way.
In the middle of the freeway.
The car slows down, puts on its turning indicator, and proceeds to make a u-turn, in the middle of the freeway.
In my rear view mirror I am watching the car head the opposite
direction on the freeway, right in to oncoming traffic.
I was freaked
out and relieved, all in the same moment.

Some people drink to relax and get their mind off things.
I run over old people with my car and shoot at other cars with automatic rifles.

Scott Free


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  1. Mr. Free–I always enjoy reading your mini-epistles. Much as the random updates re: movies and games can be informing, I get a spark of excitement when I see that you’ve written something that expresses feeling. Whether or not you realize it, your writing has gotten consistently more interesting, complex, and confident over the last year. I enjoy seeing you take on different voices or different styles, and pull it off well. Perhaps you weren’t trying to; all the better. Cheers!

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