Someone once gave someone very special to me a piece of advice. 
They were dealing with a problem that needed to be dealt with and the
advice given was to get a sign that said “I’m Enough”.  I asked in
a blog a day or so ago when would being good be enough.  When
would it be enough for someone else.  I said that I learned that
while I’ve always been enough for me I’m not enough for someone
else.  A good friend told me last night that it’s not enough to
think you’re enough you have to know you’re enough.  It made me
think about something.  You can never attain greatness if you
don’t allow yourself to be great.  It’s a hard lesson but one I
think needs to be learned.  I also need to learn how to allow that
to happen.  How does one allow ones self to be great?  A
conscious effort?Is the effort of acknowledging ones potential for
greatness enough or is it in fact just the first step?  Something
to think about I guess.



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