Well this sucks.  I’m being sued.  My insane landlord has decided that we haven’t vacated his premises fast enough for his liking and has filed papers against me and my family.  The papers themselves are rediculous because they state that we ahve not paid him rent for the last two months and I know for a fact that we have, I paid it myself.  Were all packed and ready to go before our scheduled eviction day so I don’t know what this whole thing is about.  While I know this should be the most annoying thing about all of this, and it is quite annoying, it’s not.  What is annoying and bewildering is that in the court papers I am listed twice.  Once under my legal name and once under an alias.  I have the destinction of being listed under an aka.  The strange thing is the name listed is one that my parents called me when I was a child and has never been put to use on any papers what so ever.  Imagine if you got papers in the mail from some entity that you have never laid eyes on and they called you by some secret pet name someone once had for you.  Wouldn’t that creep you the fuck out?  Legal advice is being sought as we speak and hopefully nothing will come of this pointless suit.  I got to get to class now but having remembered this site is actually still here and even though sparsely read I’ll make use of it when I can.



AKA The Beast Master, AKA Petey, AKA Irving, AKA Stimpy, AKA Sir


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