For those of you who don’t read my myspace I am taking a trip this summer.  I have decided that I haven’t really taken advantage of the opportunities that have been given me in the past.  For a long period of time I was making a tremendously large amount of money and didn’t use it well.  I spent a lot on CD’s which I feel is a good expense but I should have used that money to further myself.  I had opportunities to travel and never took them because I was either unsure of the circumstance or just plain lazy.  So with that in mind I am leaving this country for a month to check out the world.  If all goes well this may become a set thing I do each summer.  This summer I am going to spend the first two weeks of June in Paris.  Checking out The City Of Lights is going to be wonderful.  There is so much culture and history to see and experience.  Then I will be spending the following two weeks in London.  I am going to love this.  I have long held a great love of the English society and have desired to spend time there.  It has been my dream to move there since I was about 17 so getting the chance to go and actually see and experience it will be incredible.  I may take a day or two and go up and check out my ancestoral home of Ireland but I’m not quite sure yet.  That may have to wait for next year, I don’t want to short change my people after all.  Anyway I’m off home to read and continue with one of the two books I’m writing at the moment, I know it’s crazy but I got things to say dammit, and I will likely drink too much coffee and smoke a disgusting amount of cigarettes.

An aside:

I like the fact that losing the weight I have, and being in school, has made me more confident.  I no longer look in the mirror and see what’s not to love.  Everything I see now is good, well mostly(I could probably shave a bit more often), and makes me happy.  I am getting noticed more by women which is nice.  Personally I think it’s the beard, I’m looking hot and grizzly, but who knows.




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