I’ve Decided to re-instate my one time promise on here to post some
of my favorite quotes.  For my first attempt, sarcastically though
it was, at this please see October 15th 2004 (Fuck we’ve been on here a
long time).  These may not be quite weekly and will no doubt be
here when I have nothing else to say, most of my creativity is going
into my books, or they will say
something for me.

And now I bring you:

Crotch’s Quote Of The Week

Technically I guess these are quotations, thank you Emma(I have
only referred to you thus as you are only spoken of on here as
such) for your long ago correction of this mistake, but all the
things I put here won’t neccesarily be quotes so I’m keeping the title
dammit.  I actually have four today.  The Camus one I can’t
remember which book I read it in, one is a Dashboard Confessioonal lyric, and the other two come from Alexandre
Dumas’ book The Three Musketeers. 

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” Albert Camus
“The more hearts are worth the capture, the more difficult they are to be won.”
“You are young,” replied Athos; “and your bitter recollections have time to change themselves into sweet remembrances.”
Alexandre Dumas

“The harder I push the further I fall.”
Ender will save us all by Dashboard Confessional


I must profess a growing fondness for Camus and his works.  A man quite deserving of his Nobel Prize.


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