Scott Free and I went to one of the most awesome events ever.  Our friend Kristy lives in The Presidio at a home she and her old room mates call The Ranch.  This last saturday they decided to throw a party for no real reason.  Somehow for the party she  managed to book three real bands from San Diego and one local band to come and play.  It was fucking fantastic.  I heard some of the most amazing music that night.  The best band , in my humble opinion, was a group called Paperplanes.  If you live in the area they regularly play or can find them on Myspace check them out please.  It was the first time since I played in my own band in high school and after that I got to watch people play a show in a basement, but these guys could really play and had cd’s for sale.  All the bands were good in their own ways but like I said Paperplanes, who for some unknown reason had to play second out of the four, was by far the best that night.  Standing in a packed basement shoulder to shoulder with people I have never seen, resting my beer on  a  surfboard, less than  five feet from the band I got to watch three of the coolest guys do what they love to do.  Five feet in front of me, just past one other guy, were three guys playing music that I had never heard, that none of us had ever heard, and tearing the place down.  Within the space of half a song they had glavanized everyone in the basement into one pulsing mass that couldn’t get enough.  For their last song they got some girls to come up and play cowbells, threw out tamborines to the audience and spent the next 10 minutes playing the best song I have EVER heard live called Mexico.  When they were done I felt drained and charged up and for the first time in a while I wished I had time to start a band again.  Kristy and I were going to make a beer run but in the croud of people I lost her and Scott Free so I stayed in the backyard and got to hang out with the guys who had just blown me away.  It’s always a cool thing meeting someone whoes work your appreciate but when they turn out to be cool it makes it that much better.  Micah, the guitar player and lead singer, and Pete, bass and back up vocals, were out in the back drinking beer and trying to find some cigarettes so I offered some of mine.  I spent most of the rest of the night hanging out with them and two guys from the first band that played.  We smoked, drank, built a fire that almost burned down a tree, and sang.  It was without a doubt the best party I’ve been to since at least the ball I went to with my ex.  While I can’t really compare the two because they were really two different types of things they were both still parties and I had a really good time at the ball.  At three different times in the night, after having sung around the fire, I got offered to join Paperplanes and have frankly been kicking myself for declining the offer.  I could be in an awesome band right now playing shows with cool guys, getting to hear new music all the time, and meeting new people everynight but I turned them down.  I am kicking myself but it was a good decision.  They’re from San Diego and don’t play here that often so I’d have to quit school and move down there.  School’s hard but I love it and I’m following a dream that I don’t want to abandon but it would have been cool.  I do want to be in a band again and I guess I should have taken up one of the three previous offers I’ve received in the last several months before that night.  I don’t personally think I sing that well but enough people disagree with me that I’m thinking maybe I should listen to someone else for once.  Next offer I’m given, I’m taking.



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