Now this fucking sucks!  I’m sitting here trying as hard as I fucking can to write a five page essay for my english class and I can’t do it.  For one of the first times in my life my writing has turned it’s back on me.  I’m supposed to analyze a television show for it’s cultural significance and am finding it impossible to stretch my analysis out to five pages.  I don’t even watch television anymore so that alone makes this an incredibly hard thing to do.  Having chosen a television show, My Name Is Earl (very funny by the way), I analyzed it and can sum up the cultural significance in about four short sentences.  How the fuck am I supposed to stretch that?  I should be able to bullshit my way through but I’m not even able to figure out a way to do that.  It’s due in the morning and represents 10% of my grade for the class.  All this and I have maths homework to do.  I AM FUCKED


I may have something to say about the movie I am watching right now while writing this but not right now.  I’ve been thinking about it and have possibly come up with something.  Philosophical analysis seems to be more my strong suit than semiotics.


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