O.K. now that the serious business is out of the way I want to tell a little story.  I have been struggling for some time with restraining my impulse to be funny.  I have at times not known, or on some level, cared when a moment was right for humour and when it was not.  For instance I had the horrible impulse to tickle my ex-girlfriend while in a first-year torts class, not a good time, or really a good thing at all because she doesn’t like tickling, so that was a mistake all around.  Anyway I was at work this last Sunday and had my first hour there free on the floor.  I had been outside gathering carts and it was raining quite hard so I was rather wet.  I came in to dry off a bit and heard the carry-out bell ring.  I figured as I was already wet and free I would go ahead and take it.  I came up to the front and greated the lady I was to carry-out groceries for.  We walked to the door and just before we exited she turned to me and said

“I’m sorry, I’m gonna get you wet now.”

Quicker than I could reasonably control this came out of my mouth:

“Is that a promise?”

She looked at me dumbstruck for a second and what I said actually made its way to my ears and I turned red and appologized.  Thankfully she laughed.  So that was the wrong time to be funny too.  Having thought about it though, she’s just as sick as I am because she got my refrence right away so she didn’t really have too much grounds for being offended if she had done.  I admit it was not the right thing to say but at least I didn’t say

“I usually prefer it be the other way around”

Now that would have been bad.


Sadly, or perhaps not sadly if you thought it was funny as well, this is all true.


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