I’m very drunk, I think I may have broken my pinky, and for a few minutes tonight I was a woman.  I hung out with Jack tonight, after something rediculous happened which I will tell about later because I need to sleep, and he wanted to go for a drunken bike ride.  I only had a glass of wine by this point and still wanted to hang out so I went.  Long story short on the pinky front: I fell into a barbed wire fence and bent the hell out of my pinky.  It bends and I can move it but it hurts like FUCK.  As for why I was a woman tonight for a few minutes.  When I left the house it was nice and warmish, then as the night went on it became colder and colder.  I was not dressed for that at all.  I left Jack’s to come back to my house and for the whole three minute drive between the two my penis and testicles, such as they are, retracted to the only place where there is warmth: my body.  I love women as much as, or more so, than the next man but it sucked not having access to what makes me at least male.  Now reasonably there was no real need for those trouser appendages in the car, alone, at 2:30 in the morning but damn did that suck.  For those of you that may be worried or concerned everything is back where it belongs.  Off to bed now because I have a parade to go to in the morning.


Check back sometime within the next two days for the tale of something fucking absurd that makes me feel like there is no way I’ll ever understand women.  It may be here or on my personal Myspace account because I’ve been having some trouble getting on here the last couple of days 


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