Eating sushi and reading a book are not complinetary activities.  Somehow I thought they would be, being that both require the use of only one hand, but they’re not.  I went to a sushi bar by school today for lunch by myself and wanted to just have a nice relaxing meal, a nice cup of hot tea, and read for a while before I had to go home.  The sushi was very good and the tea was very soothing and tasty but the reading was quite a harder task to manage than I had hoped.  I somehow made it work but not without much effort.  Constant interuption by the sushi chef, who actually owned the restaurant and was also a very nice man, didn’t help either.  Anyway I’m home now and have to work on my next essay for english which is, if at all possible, more confusing than my last.  I got a B on that one by the way if you don’t read any of my myspace blogs.



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