We have now have 3000!!!! site hits bitches.  Recognize the awesome might that is the world of MR. Scott Free and his Loyal Companion Crotch Buddy.  It’s been a long trail we’ve blazed here and I hope those of you who have been regular visitors have enjoyed the trip as much as Scott and I have enjoyed taking you on it.  The road doesn’t end here so please check that your tray tables are locked and your seats are in their full upright position because it’s going to be a damn bumpy ride I assure you.  We will bring you more stories of our late night exploits in the grand wasteland we call home.  We will bore you senseless with random details of our personal pleasures.  We will, hopefully, make you laugh with our random leavings.  We will warm your hearts with vaguely romantic prose that only a few of you will understand.  We will bring you this and more so make sure your mental bags are packed and you have all you need for the trip because there’s no telling where we’ll end up next.  Thanks again for the visits people, it means a lot.

Your personal purveyor of unexplained randomness and the occasional vague and semi-necessary filth,




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