My sickness has been confirmed.  I was given as an extremely early(“let’s talk about your work ethics”) birthday present an iPod mini by my girlfriend the wonderfully fantastically lovely Lady Emma.  I installed iTunes on my computer so that I could load this beauty up and to my asstonishment I found that on my computer alone I had over 10 days worth of music.  10 days just on the little space I allow music to take up on my lovely, lovely 250GB harddrive.  The amount of music I actually own would take at least 20 harddrives that big and at that they’d be filled to capacity.  Bask in my awesomeness people because I am an unholy demon of musical obsession and I will save you all if you come before me and give offerings of your own music.  Oh and some berries and fruits-of-the-fields would be nice. 




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  1. It’s 1874, actually. Wait till you hear the story of how the Willy-go (haha) got his name. Oh wait! Then there’s also the story of how he lost his name. . . But don’t ask for the story unless you’ve got about an hour. . . ;p

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