Recipe for a good time

2 Best Friends

1 Bike (Pink)

1 Set of Rollerblades

1 Chiled Bottle of Participants Favorite Wine (Honeymoon Viognier)

1 Corkscrew

1 Long ass bike trail and the desire to see where it goes.


Gather ingredients.  Mix the friends with the bike (Pink) and rollerblades.  Stir for a few minutes on simmer.  Then apply a bit of the Long ass bike trail and a dash of contraverting many posted laws.  Let set for an hour or so then mix corkscrew with bottle of wine.  Allow to breath briefly and then mix with friends, again contraverting a number of posted laws.  If you mix the ingredients correctly you will have a nice dish I like to call:  A Fucking Goodtime.



One thought on “

  1. I must agree. I enjoyed the feast of that night and am looking forward to the next course. Something with a dash more bike trail and a couple more friends.My taste buds were dancing and singing.Oishikatta desu yo!Scott Free hungry

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