Today was the last day of classes and finals for me. I took my psych final last friday, and I think I did pretty well onit. I had a take-home final in social science, and that went well. I had a smart presentation to do in Japanese, which I did today and evrybody liked it.

But then,

I looked at the written final for Japanese and everything thing took a sharp nose dive from there. I didn’t know anything on the exam. I could barely even read it because there was a lot of kanji that I didn’t know. I turned it in undone and asked the teacher to fail me.

She said o.k.

Oh, well. I can take it again next semester and get a better grade. This is okay with me, becasue it seems like it takes me two semesters to learn each new level. That’s fine.

I will learn you “Japanese”, if it is the last thing I do!

Scott Free off to work


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