How I found myself in this ditch with nothing for company but filth, a cold dead body, and a gun I don’t know.  The dead body?  I’ve never seen this person before but the puddle we’re both submerged in has it bloated and unrecognizable.  The gun?  I’ve shot a few in my time, and not all were the most respectable circumstance.  Slowly I pulled myself up out of a muck that bore no name and wiped myself as clean as I could.  This stuff sticks and stains my skin a jaundiced yellow with splotches of black thrown in for character.  I look around me and see I’ve got to be miles from the next human being, well at least the next living human being, lest I forget my companion here.  How I got in this mess I don’t remember but I have a feeling Chuck had something to do with it.  That filthy swine I call my friend has had me end up in more trouble than our fifteen years of friendship warrants.  He’ll have to pay this time though, and big because what I know and what I don’t match up to something you wouldn’t even imagine possible.  Chuck, my friend, I’m coming for you and fifteen years or not you’re gonna feel hell creeping up your spine till I find the satisfaction I have coming to me.



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