I downloaded Google Earth today.  I’ve used it, or at least seen it used, at Scott Free’s house a few times and really liked it.  I used it to map out the mileage I rode today on my bike.  Between going to school and coming home again, riding to see my mom and back, and a bike ride I took around 9:30 I rode fifteen miles today.  I am feeling very “worked out” and good about myself.  I am certainly getting more use out of the bike than I thought I would when I got it.  I went to buy cigarettes on the last bike ride I took at the local 7-11.  I’ve been in a few times with the bike folded up in my hands and could tell the cashier wanted to say something but never did, until tonight.  The customer in front of me said something about it and the cashier took the opening to quiz me about the bike for twenty minutes.  Twenty minutes I might add that I didn’t want to spend talking to this guy.  This guy is an insufferable ass that has on a few occasions been a jerk both to myself and also to the lovely Lady Emma.  I finally told him I had to go and spent the next ten minutes talking to Jeff, the customer that started this whole thing off, about magnets for some godawful reason.  I learned more about magnets than I ever wanted and so consequently forgot it all upon riding into the night.  Crazy night I guess. 



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