The first hour of the first day of my 28th year approached and the feeling of unease that had been with me all day increased with the rising hour.  What was the cause of this unease I did not know, other than that it had little to do with the approach of my birthday.  I sat and stirred in my seat watching men named Vic & Bob prance about in absurdist glee trying frantically to entertain themselves and hopefully us in the bargain.  The minutes ticked by and my heart was heavy and thoughts clouded my head to the point I could not pick out one to really consider.  The hour of midnight arrived and I looked at the dark night outside my window and knew the next phase of my life had begun.  I sat in my room alone looking out my window and feeling the unease in me grew heavier.  I put my self to the task of finding the cause and quelling the insurrection taking place in my head.  I gathered about me the tools for the job at hand.  I unfolded my bike, tied up my shoes, plugged in my head phones and as the first crushing chords of The White Stripes “Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground” pulsed into my head I rode off into the night to either hunt down, or escape, my demons.  I gripped hard the handle bars and pumped my feet on the peddles as if I were being chased down by dogs hungry for fresh meat.  The night was cold for summer and I felt that shorts and a t-shirt may well have been an unwise choice of attire but the blood in my body pulsed to the strains of the raw thrash of Jack White’s guitar.  I rode for miles and thought, searching my mind for any indication of the cause of my mental unrest.  None was to be found this night.  I found myself miles from home with all I had on hand to comfort me, music and the road.  I ended my ride with no more clue as to the cause of my ill feeling as when I had begun.  I would have had this day be different but then I would have had many days be different.


Welcome to my 28th year people.  And in the words of the band Cracker:

“Happy Birthday to Me”


Yes, I have an enormous ego.


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