Well my first day back and some things from my day. 

1.  I almost lost my French class when I was directed to the wrong building by the schedule I had printed out but the teacher was understanding.  She didn’t have to be as there were people waiting to take my place.  Thank you Madame Dowling.

2.  Found out that at least two of my five classes do not have homework to turn in.

3.  At the end of this semester I will have, if I go as planned, only two more semesters to go before I can transfer.

4.  I found a room for rent that will be available in the first week of september for only $350.  I have an appointment to check out the place next week.  There are a few others I’m looking at but this one seems to be the best so far.

5.  I figured out that, in my current financial situation, with careful budgeting I can have a car again within a month to a month and a half.  I have to decide between staying where I’m at until I get that car or leaving now and taking three to four months to get a car.  To decide which is the smart choice and which is the best one because in a lot of cases they’re not the same.  Sometimes the best choice isn’t smart and sometimes the smart choice isn’t best.



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