When was the last time you cried at the movies? When was the last time you felt that sudden welling up in your throat, where the middle of your throat  seems to suddenly try to make its escape out through your mouth? How is it that some films have such an effect upon us that we get emotionally disrupted by them?

I almost burst into tears just now while watching this movie, I don’t even know why. I was watching the sceen towards the end of the film, where the mother and her children are watching the play being performed in their house. The curtain had just risen and it displayed Neverland to the wide eyes of the now believers. It was such a touching moment that I almost lost it. I got up and left because I didn’t feel like having a cry at that moment.

I think it may have affected me so, because I reminds me of some things that I miss…

Scott Free sobbing uncontrollably inside


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