Was on register yesterday and something came into my head that I wanted to write down.  Now as I was on register I had but little free time to scribble down the ramblings of my twisted imagination onto long strips of register tape.  What follows is the product of that spurt of time between customers that I could snatch here and there to get it down.  It came as one whole piece and thankfully I was able to hold onto every word despite posting the highest sales we’ve had since the winter.

Stretching out one weather beaten hand I grabbed the handle and, with the last of my strength, lurched through the door.  Falling in the entry way of a house I haven’t seen in a very long time I blacked out.  I can’t say how long I had wandered lost around the arid, dusty, plain I found myself stranded in.  The sun never so much as set as it vaguely drifted from view just below the horizon leaving the sky a deep amber hue but never turning black.  I can’t remember the last time stars filled the sky over head but I do know it was before I woke up out there in the middle of nowhere.


Thinking about working this up into a short story but am rather busy with school and other writings. 



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