I have, of late, not had much time to come to this little place where I allow my mind to spill what some would call its refuse.  School has taken up much of that time and the rest has been split between work, both for pay and on my personal writing, and spend time with the lovely Lady.  I don’t begrudge any of the reasons I have not had much time to spend here but it is an explanation.  Now I have to ask myself why the hell am I explaining myself to the only people who read this besides myself, and you know there are only two of you, and I can’t really come up with an answer.  What can I say though, I’m happy, incredibly so and definitely the happiest I’ve been in this lengthy walk through misery I’ve called my life.  I’m in love, and loved in return, with the most beautiful amazing woman I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of meeting.  I’m also friends with two of the greatest guys ever, besides myself that is [yes I’m egotistical (it’s funny how close that is to egoTesticle that is, though that words makes no sense at all and I bring it up purely gratuitously)].  Now that I’ve blown sunshine up the asses of those I love I’ll get back to work.




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