Guitar Hero 2 is coming!

Here is a confirmed track list:

(songs in bold are the ones that I am most inerested in)

The list of songs that have so far been officially confirmed by either RedOctane or Harmonix.

1. Opening Licks

2. Amp-Warmers

3. String-Snappers

4. Thrash and Burn

5. Return of the Shred

6. Relentless Riffs

7. Furious Fretwork

8. Face-Melters

Bonus Tracks

In closing:

GET READY TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brought to you in part by,
Scott Free and the letter “8”
as in h8er, l8er, cre8or, and biss sp8er


One thought on “Guitar Hero 2 is coming!

  1. Dude, this game is going to fucking ROCK!!!!
    This comment has been brought to you by,
    And also in part by C.F.T.A.A.H.O.U.N.I.P.O.P.S (The Committee For The Abolition, And Hate Of, Using Numbers In Place Of Proper Spelling)

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