Just because I spend time on the internt looking up my name, doesn’t make me narcisitic. Does it?

Looking at a baby name website, I found a link to a free ebook that they offer to help you choose a name. The book has hint and tips on what not to name your child. What I get from the book is that you should be very careful when you name your child because if you mess up and name you child something that isn’t normal, they will get picked on, they will grow up to hate you, and they will end up changing there name and living a hollow life that they will ultimately never recover from, seeing as how they let the weight of other people’s opinion guide their life and their self esteem.

Anyway, as I was reading this book I came across a blurb that was included in the chapter about . They included these blurbs to add a “how-the-real-person-can-relate” aspect.

“We already had five children when I became pregnant with Benjamin. We knew that it would be a boy and were pretty sure that it would be our last child, too. We both thought Benjamin was a very solid and appropriate name for a baby, a boy and eventually, a man. We were still very happy with him and his name when I became pregnant again and had another son.”

Ava Sullivan

Benjamin is a fine name. I don’t have a problem with it. The thing that made me squeal my thinking tires to a halt, the thing that made the needle skip across the record, the one concept that I could not quite get my head around in this passage was this nugget:

“We already had five children…(Benjamin) would be our last child…I became pregnant again and had another son”


How do you have five kids, decide that you will have a sixth and final kid, then have another one?

Six kids running around?

How do you have time to get naked and alone long enough to create the seventh?

It can’t be that this lady doesn’t understand the whole baby making process by this stage of her game.
She could write a very comprehensive book by this point, and I would follow the text liked a hallowed script, come the time that I decide, with the agreement of the other party involved, to increase the population.

Maybe they live in a foreign country that has different views on procreation then I. That is entirely possible. Hey, they could even live in this country and have a different perspective.
Maybe they are really horny.
Maybe they are catholic.
Maybe they live in another country, are really horny, and are catholic. The trifecta!

Just though I’d share.

Scott Free has already picked some names for my two (optimal) kids!


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