Look here folks–today has been the best damn day of my life thus far. And though my days have only totalled 9140, that’s still saying something. I just wanted to announce to that part of the world that reads this blessed blog that life is wonderful, because I’m happy, and want to spread it (happiness, that is–nothing dirty). I hope Mr. Free will forgive my temporary hijacking of his site. And don’t be mad at poor old Crotch for allowing me access. He’s been bound and gagged and is in no way responsible. Speaking of which, I should probably get back to him…

Crotch’s Lady Sparkles


2 thoughts on “

  1. Alright, the being bound was fun and all, but the gagging I could have done without. 
    Seriously, today has been the happiest day of my life as well.  And I have had a few more than you to count it against.


  2. Geez, you two need to get a room or something.Sparkles, I can’t be mad at “poor old Crotch” for allowing you access. He allows it to me so I would hope that he allows it to you as well.Crotch, I’ma kill you.Scott Frizzle

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