Mark Your Calendars!

Inspired by a recent hijacker and their divulging of their age in days, I set out to see just how many days old I was. I went to the ever helpful and asked it a question.
I have never asked Google a question before.
Normally I just type in what I feel would be the most effective keywords, and I go from there. I may need to change my strategy because it seems that sometimes a question is much more useful. If anybody remembers going to, asking him something, and then getting tired of his perverted search results, try asking Google, Google isn’t a pushy smut peddler.
What Google came back with was just-what-the-doctor-ordered. I found a website that not only tells you how many days old you are but also figures out the next big milestone.

Here are my results:

I am 9096 days old

I will be 10000 days old on September 2nd, 2009.

If you want to figure out your own days then go here

I will be having a big party for my Ten-thousandth day, so don’t make plans, and if you have made plans already, cancel them. If you have made plans already, maybe think about slowing down a little and live more in the present, you freak!

Scott Free realizes the hypocrisy of his haranguing


One thought on “Mark Your Calendars!

  1. I have taken up your thrown gauntlet (Yes, I realize no gauntlet has been thrown down but rather a clever link posted) and I, myself, as of this minute have been alive 10,447 days. I missed my 10,000 day mark by 447 days. This milestone went by unmarked by all those close to me. Damn you lovely bastards.Crotch “I’m a damn old bastard” Buddy

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