I have just finished watching, thanks in part to a particularly bad case of insomnia, The Prestige. While I know it was a fairly big movie a while ago I had not seen it in the theaters because a) I rarely go to theaters unless there’s something really good looking that either I or the Lovely Lady want to see or b) I am utterly contrary. Regardless of why I had yet to see this fine film it is pretty fucking AWESOME!!! I admittedly picked up on the twist fairly early on but damn was that a reveal. For those of you who have not seen it, I won’t give it away. I will say this though, it is very similar to Sixth Sense in that once you know the twist, and rewatch the film, it is really easy to see much earlier than even I picked up on. I am so tired that I can’t sleep, which I know really makes no sense, and in that sense neither will this post. Anyway, I really liked the movie and you should check it out.

Not you Naan Bread!



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