A Sailing Adventure.

Although we have only been at sea for three hours, I can already envision myself killing our dear captain.When we get into port, I may need to seek refuge in another country for awhile. If he tells me to swab the poop deck one more time…

Captain Jack’s life has been spared. He is a tough but just captain. We are making great time and the wind is perfect. The sun is out and there are no clouds. We have listened to Lewis Black and Patton Oswalt, and now we are listening to some music. Sea sickness is not a worry for our two young heroes. Faces forward, they sail onward.

Our cell phones don’t work. Earlier today we saw some dolphins swimming in some kelp and some seals. We saw a boat on the horizon and decided to head straight for it. We got to it pretty quickly and then turned and headed north. Time passes quickly for our intrepid explorers. They are already planning their next voyage.

It has gotten colder. i had to change clothes. Bringing a chimpanzee on this trip is something that we should have thought more about. He won’t stop singing show tunes.

The winds really picked up and we had to lower the main sail. Then we made some great progress and

At this time we entered into a storm and the previous journal entry was interrupted.

During the storm, we lost the chimp. Tragedy, I know.

At a point in the early morning, after being up for only 21 hours, I began to experience hallucinations. I saw pink spots flashing on the sea, and mermaid fins just below the surface of the water. When I relayed this information to the captain, he quickly ushered me to bed.

We are rockin’ sailors. We made it to Pigeon Point by 0840. We are really bookin’ it up the coast.

We are coming into Half Moon Bay and the surf is up! The sail boat is going sideways and the sail is in the water. The water is splashing up on the deck and we are going fast.

After sailing for a while into the bay, we tried to start the engine to motor the boat into the harbor. The engine wouldn’t start. We had no power. We called the harbor master and they came and towed us in. They informed us that we had a line going off the deck at starboard aft, and sure enough it was wrapped around the propeller. We got off the boat and met up with Asia to get some dinner. Everything in Half Moon Bay closes at a non-specified time that just so happens to be the moment before you get there. We had just about given up when we saw a pizza parlor that was still open. They made us a pie that we devoured with such haste that we burned the roofs of our mouths, and kept burning them because we were so hungry that it mattered not that we had burnt shreds of mouth-roof dangling into scrumptious feast. After the meal we returned home and the next day Captain Jack and I returned to the boat and I got to go swimming. I volunteered to swim under the boat and retrieve the rope that was wrapped around the propeller. This was a dumb thing to have volunteered for. That water is FREEZING! I took my sweet time getting into the water, adjusting each successive inch to the frigid temperature. Getting the rope turned out to be a piece of cake and I quickly got out of the water and rushed into the cabin. We had previously set up some heaters to warm the cabin whilst I was in the dip. The whole experience was not as bad as I had thought is was going to be. The worst part about the day was noticing the seagull that had gotten itself caught in a net on a fishing boat. The captain and I had decided to go rescue the bird when we were done in the water, but before we could, tragedy struck. Those readers that have weak constitutions would be advised to stop reading. A fisherman had come to get the bird out, but he wasn’t as gentle as we would have been. He had draped a towel over the bird’s head to keep it still and was vigorously tugging at the bird’s wing to get it out of the net. It wouldn’t come out so he grabbed an instrument that could have been an ax, or it could have been a long handled hammer, and proceeded to hack the wing off. As soon as I saw him reach for the ax-thing I looked away. It was rather disturbing.

This weekend, we will attempt to complete the second leg of the voyage. It should not take us too long and it is going to be a lot easier since we know what we are in for. I will post the journal from that trip when I get back.

Scott Free I got my finger on the tilla…


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