So, months have passed without either myself or the esteemed Mr. Free rearing our heads in this neck of the woods. Do woods actually have necks? I mean, it would entirely depend on the overall shape of the expanse, but even then who are we to say the neck is where we are at the moment. We could be in the bowels or even crotch of the woods. But I digress. Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hello to all you Google and Yahoo bots that have been fishing through and cataloguing our little site here. It warms my heart more than I can say to know that soulless machines are the only things viewing, visiting, or reading the leavings of Mr. Free and I. Good for them I say. It’ll teach them to waste their time, now won’t it.

Yours in bemused and sarcastic gratitude,

Cornilious Rogers O’neill Titus Crane Heberidean


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