It has been pointed out to me that in the protestations of my last post against my supposed desire to “hunt” virgins, that I instead implied that I preferred more “experienced” prey. I understand how this misunderstanding could have taken place. I vehemently state that I have no interest in virgins for any purpose, “hunting” or otherwise, so the other option, albeit an extreme one, must obviously be those with considerably more experience. I won’t state my true preference here as it would breach the bounds of propriety and personal privacy. Those who NEED to know, may ask, however you may not receive a response that you may feel is adequate. I apologize ahead of time for your disappointment.

Translation for those who may not properly understand the above type of language:

Alright, someone told me that because I said I wasn’t interested in hunting virgins, that I instead must truly be out for dirty tramps. I realize that you could read my last post that way, however I was just sort of joking around about stupid internet profiling type things where you put in your real name and they spit out all this crazy shit about you. I’m not really going to say whether I have any interest in virgins or not because it just wouldn’t be cool and might be a little bit too private to reveal on an easily accessible public website. I realize that I’ve put up some pretty personal shit here in the past, this type of thing, my romantic or sexual beliefs, opinions or desires, goes quite a bit beyond telling you people stories of me jumping off of parking garages or almost being stabbed. Now, you can ask me if you really feel like you need to, just don’t expect me to answer in a complete enough way for you to feel satisfied that you know where I’m at. I’d say I was sorry now for your future disappointment, but I won’t. You shouldn’t be so nosy.



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