So I’ve been sitting here doing homework, listening to a movie and wanted to come here and write something sweet for my baby. The trouble is for the first time in a long time I feel myself speechlessly happy. I acknowledge the ridiculousness of saying I’m speechless while actually writing something but that’s not the point. The fact is that the woman I’m with, so incredibly happy to able to say that, is the most exceedingly wonderful woman I’ve ever known and I’m more ecstatic now than ever before to able to call her mine. The path our relationship has been on to bring us here has been rocky and at times painful for us both but all those times of hardship have been like a refining fire strengthening our bond and love for each other. I’m finding myself unable to adequately describe either her or how much I love her so I will leave it with saying she is and has been the love of my life. She makes my happiness more happy and my sadness far less sad by just being herself.

I feel myself rambling and trying to fill space when I started this out by saying that I was speechlessly happy so I should probably leave it here.


A few last notes:

The Lady Sparkles is fantastically beautiful, incredibly intelligent, has a spirit that brightens my life, an amazingly wonderful heart not to mention she is one DAMN SEXY woman!!!


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