Something’s coming. I’m not quite sure what, but I know it’s out there. I can feel it, like a slow rolling thunder that’s pounding into me from a long way off. I’ve felt it for a while now, somewhere in the back of my mind it’s been there, that icy tingle that tells me something’s wrong, that something’s on a collision course with my life and it’s going to hit like a typhoon. This happened a few times before, and those stories don’t exactly make for easy listening, let me tell you. This time is different though, the feeling runs deeper and the tension has got me wound like a spring in an old watch, ready to burst. What is it? What’s out there waiting for me? I can smell it in the air, an electric tang in every breath that tells me I had better shore up my defenses before the storm clouds building break and unleash their fury on me and mine. I’ve been driving a lot lately, it’s what I do when this kind of feeling whirls its way into my consciousness, it’s really the only thing I can do. The automatic nature of my driving lets me detach from reality in a way that nothing else does (and admittedly in a way that would have the DMV and a hundred fear crazed mothers at my door with attack dogs hungry to tear my drivers license from bloody fingers.) The rhythmic hum of the engine and the soft amber glow of street lights take me to a place where the only thoughts I have are the ones I need right now, the ones struggling for an answer. What is it that’s coming for me and what the hell am I going to do when I find out?



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