New readers

Hey, just wanted to drop a short note of welcome to our new readers from So. Cal. (yes, we are just like Orwell’s Big Brother and know, nearly, everything. Just kidding.) Anyway, welcome to our little random space of nonsense and soul searching. What do you think? Too much rambling, not enough creativity, want more silly stories? We try to accommodate, to a degree, our audience. Since you’ve linked over from either my personal facebook or myspace accounts you know who Crotch is, at least to a small degree, but he doesn’t know you. Or maybe he does, who knows. Either way, please comment or send us a message somehow and I’ll see what I can do to make your visits here more interesting and enjoyable, since you probably don’t want to keep reading about my heartbreak and subsequent soul searching. If you’re curious how to leave comments without your own Xanga account please see our Monkey Receptionist in the sidebar and she’ll be more than happy to assist you. And you won’t even need to give her a banana.

Anyway, welcome. Both Scott Free and myself hope you’ve enjoyed your stay. Remember, check out is at noon and don’t forget to tip your wait staff.

All out of fresh towels,


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