First day of the trip and it’s already been eventful. A security guard tried to steal my new shoes, I cried twice (once was because they showed Marley & Me on the connecting flight out of Salt Lake City. The other is my business,) I was punched by a drunk guy on the El train in Chicago, and I had a bunch of Germans buy me beer. It’s been random, occasionally unpleasant, but fun so far. Admittedly would prefer to be at home with a glass of wine, tucked up in bed, watching a movie with someone special. But that ship sailed two months ago and won’t be pulling back into my particular harbor again so you gotta learn to make the most of it. Two more days of Chicago, one in Green Bay (maybe) and then it’s on to Austin and maybe the Grand Canyon.

(Can’t help but feel annoyed by the belief that this money should have gone to a wedding and honeymoon. Yay, for still dealing with shitty emotions! Do you sense the sarcasm?)

Je suis toujours ici pour vous,


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