Much Needed and Deeply Felt Retraction.

Over the last several months I have once again begun to visit my little corner of the web. I have made the mistake, based on the stalled hit count, of thinking this had somehow become my private refuge. A place where I might vent my spleen and try to come to grips with my feelings in the best way I know, my writing. I should have done so in another vein but I have exhausted the patience of my willing listeners. I should not have made this mistake, especially as I had done the same thing years ago. My little space is not private, it is not a solitary refuge where I can say whatever I feel in the moment without fear of there being consequences for others or myself. My humorous pseudonym aside, the identity of the person writing is as transparent as if I were in your room writing my angst ridden prose on your walls. As are the people I write about.

And it is for one of them that I write this now.

I have written a number of posts that have been hurtful. That have made unfounded accusations or insinuations of her actions since our unfortunate separation. I have no proof of the actions I accused Courtney of in my recent posts. Everything I wrote was written out of confusion, anger, hurt, and the foolish belief that those statements would never be read by anyone but me. I truly apologize for making the mistake of believing this space was private, for continuing unabated when I began receiving more readership, and mostly for having written things I did not know were true and that hurt Courtney. She is, and always will be, everything good I wrote about her. So, for any of you who have read those posts, and began to form your own opinions of a woman you perhaps have never met, I ask that you dig further into this site and read what I’ve written about her that shows her for the person she really is. And that is someone special who deserved better.

James (Crotch)


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