I have to say that occasionally google gives you way more information than you want. It’s admirable sometimes, and certainly beneficial most of the time, but occasionally annoying. I had cause recently to use the word misanthropy in conversation, the conversation itself was incredibly interesting despite being had over probably several more beers than should have been consumed (don’t drink with Germans if you can avoid it. The peer pressure is intense and they have the whole “we killed 6 million Jews like they were nothing, so we can take you out in an instant” vibe. Or at least most of the ones I’ve ever met do. Although I have met several that were perfectly lovely people despite the intensity.) The guy with whom I was having the conversation spoke perfect English and had lived here for ten years so he understood most of what I was saying. He did however question me in regards to misanthropy, both in what it meant and the properness of its usage. I tried to define the word for him but he just wouldn’t believe me. So I pulled out my trusty iPhone, love this thing by the way, and Googled the word. I typed in “define: misanthropy” as you are supposed to and the definition came up. He accepted that I was right, earning me another free beer (I ended up paying for only one beer the whole night.) As I continued to look at the results though I was annoyed by what had come up. I got what I was looking for but there were several results that, though informative, were unnecessary. I couldn’t care less that Misanthrope is a French metal band who got their name and inspiration, though admittedly my interest was peaked, from Moliere. Nor do I care that it has been the title of EP’s for two other metal bands. It isn’t surprising, given what I know of metal music, which is sadly quite a lot, that the word would be used in someway by a band. I just ultimately don’t care, and certainly not when I’m trying to prove a point. But maybe my annoyance had more to do with having to prove the point and not so much what arose while doing so. Either way, I got free beer so I should probably drop it.


As an aside, Greek Beer isn’t very good. Give me a Guinness, Newcastle, or Smithwicks (only in Ireland though, not nearly as good here) anyday.


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