Interview and Housing problem

So, I have an interview this coming tuesday for a new job. If I get it, which based on the conversation I had with the HR woman seems highly possible, I will be making more than I have in a long time. I’m looking forward to both the interview and, if I get it, the job. Where the problem for me arises is its location. It is right down the street, highly conveinent walking distance, from my old apartment. If things hadn’t ended the way they did this job, and its proximity to home, would be awesome. The job still is, its just where it is that sucks since I don’t live there anymore. But I’ll be able to move back to the city again which, despite there being plenty of reasons not to like San Francisco, I’m looking forward to. We’ll see what happens with everything.

I wish everything positive didn’t remind me of everything negative in my life. That’s the problem with heart ache, it turns you into a pessimist.



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